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January in progress courses- already completed undergrad

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I wanted to know whether anyone here (who has already completed undergrad and received their degree) is taking extra courses in Jan whether it's for interest sake or meeting pre req requirements. On ORPAS how do you declare this? Because the school I am looking to take it at (GuelphU open education learning) does not give transcripts for in progress courses, so I wouldn't even be able to request a transcript. I called the schools individually and some say I wouldn't even need to disclose it on ORPAS and some seem confused themselves as to what to do. Has anyone ever done this before? Also, even if you take a course in Jan and decide to drop it later what happens then?

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Did you ever get a solid answer for what happens to courses in-progress during Jan 2020? I'm currently taking courses to bump up s-GPA (I'm done my undergrad) but didn't realize they wouldn't be counted in the sGPA calculations until after I applied in December. If they WERE counted, I'd most definitely have a chance at getting in this year, but currently my sGPA is too low to be competitive. I contacted two of the schools I applied to and they told me they don't USUALLY count winter grades..but didn't elaborate. 

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