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My GPA's not stellar but my MCAT and ECs are decent. What would be my chances to get into med school in Ontario? I'm in Life Sciences at McMaster. Would taking a masters be a good idea? And if so, which degree should I be thinking about?

First yr: 3.3

Second yr: 3.87

Third yr: 4.0

MCAT: 525

ECs: Hospital shadowing, exec position for Doctors without Borders, Global Medical Brigades, research, design reviewing for devices for patients with disabilities, multiple awards for social justice debates and research competitions

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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You're in the same boat as a good portion of students who would make great applicants and possibly great doctors. It's hard to know for sure but your chances are as good as that of the average matriculant out there. Just make sure you can translate all your experience into written forms for essays/OMSAS sketch, and maybe focus on CASPer. Otherwise your chance is solid for most schools. 

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