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Residence Advisor- Resume Advice Needed

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Hello, I'm a first year university student living on campus and I am applying to be a Residence Advisor next year. Essentially I would be a resource for the students on my floor and I would ensure everything in my residence is running smoothly. I'm hoping this would look good on a med school application as well.
As part of my application I have to submit a resume. On my resume I have activities from 2011 all the way up to now, 2020. Since I am a student, are those older activities still relevant or are they no longer worth mentioning.
If they are no longer worth mentioning, what year should be the cutoff for the activities on my resume?
Thank you and Happy New Year!
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Think of it less as a cutoff year, and more of what activities are most relevant for the role. You are lucky that you have a long range of experiences to choose from, so you can trim the fluff, pick the ones that best demonstrate the qualities you need to be an RA like leadership, advising/counselling, experience with students, problem-solving/crisis intervention, planning events, referrals to resources, etc. 

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