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University of Ottawa Interview Invite Dates 2014 - 2019

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Hey everyone!

Made a post like this for McMaster and it seems some people thought it was interesting, so I thought I'd share the dates interview invites were released by uO the last few years! Hopefully this gives anxious souls an idea of when the school sends out invites!!

2019: January 22nd
2018: January 29th
2017: January 24th
2016: January 28th
2015: January ???
2014: January 31st

Best of luck everyone!!!! And if anyone is looking for additional panel interview prep, feel free to PM me!!


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Hey Bawgg,

Yes, this is when the school sends out email interview invites. Usually the invites are sent out before the rejections, in the morning. If you see people posting here about acceptances and you don't receive an email, it usually is indicative of a rejection email later in the day. 


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