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McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2020

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Time Stamp: Jan 8 @ 9:09am
Invite/Reject: Invite!

GPA: 3.83
CARS: 129
Casper: I felt good about my answers at first but was pressed for time. My computer then froze in the middle of the test and I had to contact support to erase one of my answers. I was pretty flustered about it afterwards and felt like I bombed the second half.

Geography: IP

Shook. I applied to 22 schools this cycle and McMaster was the single last school I would have expected an interview invite from. 

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I can not believe this. My GPA is so bad, I never expected Mac to throw me a bone. I started crying because I’ve been beating myself up for having bad grades for years.

Timestamp: 09:08

Invite/Reject: Invite

GPA: low lol

CARS: 130

CASPer: I practiced a whole lot and bought some practice sample scenarios. I felt pretty flustered throughout but okay for most questions. I left the third question of one scenario completely blank and felt terrible thereafter. I really thought I did so bad but I must have done ok to make up for my GPA.

Geography: IP

Edit: good luck to everyone!!


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Time Stamp: 10:08 AM
Invite/Reject: regrets

GPA: 3.84

CARS: 128

CASPer: not sure, felt rushed and I didn't prepare adequately. I thought some of my answers went fairly well.

Geography: IP


Not too surprised, first time writing MCAT and applying to Mac. I'm still finishing my MSc degree and I know that doesn't count towards my consideration since it's incomplete. Oh well!

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