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2020 UofT Dental school Interview Accepted/Rejected

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6 minutes ago, d323434 said:

that doesn’t make much sense. It should be everything for an interview, then the interview to select from interviewees based on the interview

Not a lot of schools use just the interview to select from the interviewees. They may have different weighting but it is usually the combination of different factors. 


Edit: I think dal uses only gpa and dat for an interview and asks for references and supplemental application after they invited people in for an interview. 

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Sooo interview offers are coming out hopefully by Friday or early next week, those who get the offer mind sharing their stats??

Nice username. 

Yes, the essays and CASPer were both additions to UofT's application this year.  From what I understand, they are trying to take a more holistic approach that considers extracurriculars and exper

40 minutes ago, themeister said:

Invite (currently doing second semester of 3rd year)

GPA: 3.96

DAT: 21AA, 18PAT

Does anyone know how many people get interviewed per year and how many of them get offered admission?

Over 200 interviewed, 96 accepted and around 45 waitlisted from last year I believe

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