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Hello all,

I am an MD graduate who has:
1) extensive experience training students for MMI interviews for medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, and occupational therapy, USMLE step 2 CS as well as medical OSCEs. 
2) worked for an online MMI prep company
3) very high success rate with students getting into their program (mostly into Canadian and Australian medical schools, and some non-medical American programs)

What I am offering is not just brief tips and general strategies for the MMI, but full on training with the goal of getting you to the level of a medical school graduate so you can answer these MMI questions as if they were second nature. All medical graduates are expected to handle the problems in these MMI questions in a professional manner. We will be practicing the questions, and I will be teaching you as well as challenging you and critiquing you every step of the way. By the end of our sessions, we would have covered all of the different types of questions they throw at candidates year after year. 


The rate is $90/hr; the company I used to work for charged their students much more than that. I was a graduate, but many of the consultants for these types of companies have not yet completed their medical programs, meaning they have not yet fully demonstrated mastery of the concepts presented in the MMI questions)

Please email me at poon.paul@hotmail.com for further details

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