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How long should it take to prepare for the (Canadian DAT)

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To be honest it really depends on the type of learner you are. Some people can study about a month or so and end up doing well, while others need 3months. Look at what you need to study and evaluate what you would need to spend more time on and try to do a few practice tests to see how much you would need to study. For me personally, I studied a little less than 2 months. If I were to redo my process, I would say take a few weeks to try to learn everything, while doing practice tests to assess your self. Then spend the last month leading up to the exam reviewing and doing as many practice tests you can. My mistake was learning PAT sections and doing well on them, and not revising those sections as much. You need to practice PAT at least 1 hour a day. Always try to squeeze it in, and trust me it will pay off in the end. 


I would recommend bootcamp for everything. It has everything you need on there, and they have plenty of practice. If you can also add Datcrusher for the Canadian DAT version, thats the best practice for PAT because everything is on paper. 


I studied approx 6-7 hours a day, sometimes more and sometimes less depending. I had a clear timeline of topics I wanted to cover. Since you are taking courses in the summer, I would assume you would need to spend time focusing on the courses too, so i would say give yourself a good time line of about 3-4 months and practice a few hours every week. The good news is that biochem is on the DAT so that will help you in studying.


Good luck!

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