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UBC DMD 2024 - Interview Invites/Rejections

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Just got accepted IP! Beyond excited and will be attending in the fall.   

Invite IP GPA: 81 AA 23 PAT 20  don’t know about casper

Invite IP GPA: 84 AA: 26 PAT: 23 I did not check my casper score

2 hours ago, DentalNerdZ said:

Anyone hear anything yet??

I haven’t heard anything. It may be a result of the snow day, or perhaps it is because they introduced new sections on the application and they just want to thoroughly go through them? I’m not completely sure!

Was crossing my fingers that we would have had some communication by now. Not sure if I speak for anyone else but I’m extremely nervous! 

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10 hours ago, bubby said:


It was purely academic based, so it was GPA, DAT and CASPER (no personal statement, extracurriculars etc) 

That's actually not true. They added so many new things this year in addition to the GPA, DAT and CASPer. They asked for personal statement, extracurriculars as well as at least 2 reference letters! Guessing this is why we haven't heard from them yet.

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