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I think it's all about quality over quantity. It's better to have 3-4 thoughtful sentences that state the problem, look at the problem from multiple perspectives, and concisely state what YOU would do given the context and potential other perspectives.

Feel free to PM me for more specifics! Good luck on your test. :)

(This was my strategy- my CASPer score apparently helped me get an interview invite to Mac so I presume I did well enough!)

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I've actually scored casper, and would suggest NOT leaving the third question blank. Everyone gets 5 minutes and you are expected to manage that time. If you're still on the 2nd answer by 3:30 or 4:00 then jump to the third one, write a quick sentence or two, and go back to finish two if you have time. Even just answering the question with one line at least is worth something, whereas a blank is nothing. You get one score for all three questions in the scenario, but two great answers and a blank doesn't look as good as a great answer, a good answer and an ok answer.

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1 hour ago, Kaboom said:

For the "what would you do?" question, I am going through the steps you mentioned, but I find it hard to write it all out in 3-4 sentences. I always end up writing a lot, especially when I do the if, then strategy. How did you manage to remain concise in your answers?

Being concise is just a skill you have to practice. For me, I was forced to in a lot of my undergrad courses where we had mandatory discussion boards with 100-200 word length limits for pretty complex questions! It's a learned skill for sure, but over time I learned to cut the filler language in situations like that and just get the main point across. I'd say to try sample questions and keep working on making them shorter and shorter.

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