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McGill 2020 DMD Interview Invites/Rejections

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Result: Waitlisted #27 Pre-req GPA: 3.5 DAT: PAT: 17, MDT: 5 Year: 2 undergrads completed Feeling out of interview: really bad, it was not my first interview, felt as if this was t

Hi all, I'm a ULaval grad and have had the chance to teach students from all three dental schools in Quebec. If you have any questions about dental school/interview process/which school is better

IP, refused :/ got waitlist pre-interview last year and finished my MSc since then so I was a little hopeful but it's okay... oh well, good luck everyone, I think this was my last year trying, I

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On 4/10/2020 at 1:10 PM, DentalNerdZ said:

OOP waitlist got to #3 yesterday! 

Yes got off the wait list last Thursday! My stats are:

Result: Admitted off wait list

Pre-req GPA: 3.85

DAT: made cut-offs

Feeling out of interview: thought it went pretty well, felt genuine in my responses. Had some actors actually give me a thumbs up after some of the role play stations. A couple stations felt pretty average, but the break stations definitely helped in re-organizing my game plan. Think i performed relatively well in the interview given my lower OOP pre-req GPA. 


Comments: Felt good coming out of interview, felt much worse about it a couple weeks later. Best advice for future applicants would be to yourself during McGill interviews and try and be  genuine in your responses. This MMI in particular I felt tested your ability to think and deliver responses under a time constraint, as well as how effective you are in your communication. All the best to everyone on the wait list - fingers are crossed for you !

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1 hour ago, juzchill said:

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else received an email stating “Please be advised that as of April 15, 2020, the 3rd candidate on the in-province list and 1st candidate on the out-of-province list have been offered admission“. 
The email quotes an internal system error. 

I didn't get that email, what else did it contain/ do you mind posting screen shot? Does that mean we're actually at #3 for IP and not 5??? :o 

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10 minutes ago, juzchill said:

I didn’t receive an email after this one though. So I’m not sure if the website is working again..? 


Gosh thanks for asking! I was confused why nobody in the group was discussing the email 

I got this in response to an email I sent asking them about my position on the OOP waitlist 

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On 5/11/2020 at 8:04 PM, dentalnerd said:

Faculties of med and dent are yet to make an announcement. We switched to remote instruction after the march break, but we don’t know if it is gonna be same for the fall semester as well. Chances are high, but no official announcement as of yet. 

Hang in there :) 

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