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Since the invites for interviews should go out soon, just wanted to start this tread to share :) Does anyone knows when the interviews will be?


Here's the template if anyone wants to share!

Time Stamp: DD/MM/YYYY - XX:XX AM/PM
Location: OOO, IP, OOP
Stream: English, French, Aboriginal, French (OOP (not QC))
wGPA: on 4.0 OMSAS Scale
Current year:3rd year, 4th year, UG complete, Masters, PhD
ECs: Description at your discretion 

Casper: General thoughts


Time Stamp: 
Current year: 


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Rejection Time Stamp: 1:18Location: IPStream: EnglishwGPA: 3.92Current year: UG Complete 2016CASPer: Felt good about it.  EC’s: Strong. President and exec of clubs, awards from the government, lots

ban that user

I called this morning and the invites should go out today!! So just waiting until the emails start to come in

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