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Rejection Time Stamp: 1:18Location: IPStream: EnglishwGPA: 3.92Current year: UG Complete 2016CASPer: Felt good about it.  EC’s: Strong. President and exec of clubs, awards from the government, lots

ban that user

I called this morning and the invites should go out today!! So just waiting until the emails start to come in

Invite/Rejection: INVITE :)
Time Stamp: Jan 22, 2020 at 2:30 PM
Location: OOP
Stream: French
wGPA: 3.86 !!
Current year: 4th year UG
ECs: Various employments, 3 summers of research, 1 publication, poster presentations, hospital volunteering, 1-2 important awards/scholarships, etc + I added a lot of short-term activities/extracurriculars to fill the 32 sketches.

Casper: Felt good about it, did not finish some of the 3rd questions.

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Time Stamp: 11:01 am Mountain Time
Location: OOP
Stream: English 
wGPA: 3.96 in AB
Current year: 4th year UG
ECs: 15 years with youth organization; Teaching Assistant, decent research but no publications, many other miscellaneous volunteering and employment.

Casper: I'm sure it went well

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Invite/Rejection: INVITE!!!! Omg. 
Time Stamp: Jan 22, 2020 at 2:39 PM
Location: IP
Stream: English
wGPA: 3.85 !!
Current year: 5th year UG
ECs: involved with mental health advocacy throughout undergrad, research, lots of volunteering in community, was a residence advisor and then don.

Casper: Felt good about it but then again didn’t really know how it went for sure! 

Honestly freaking out this is my first time applying and didn’t expect this!!

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Invite/Rejection: INVITE
Time Stamp: January 22, 2020 at 2:48pm (EST) 
Location: IP
Stream: English 
wGPA: 3.96 
Current year: 5th Year Part-Time Student 
ECs: Pretty diverse I thought, but had limited research under my belt. Only had volunteered for 2 years in a lab, with no publications. I think I made up for this through my other ECs such as being VP for a cultural club on campus for 2 years, VP for my school's Multiple Sclerosis Club for 2 years,  Event Director for a national charity on campus for 3 years, a few scholarships, volunteered at a Brain Injury Services Centre for 5 years, a few notable athletic awards during high school, and other miscellaneous volunteering with employment during the summers at a Healthcare Clinic.

Casper: Honestly, I thought I didn't do so well on my Casper considering I missed a few questions and had people talking around me during it on the silent floor of the library, but I was very honest with my answers. I read the first few chapters of Doing Right, but didn't finish the book after I got the basic idea of it. 


Congratulations to everyone else who got an invite and good luck in the next step of this process! 

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Time Stamp: 3:15pm

Location: IP

Stream: English 

wGPA: 3.98 

Education: Masters (2nd year)

ECs: Varied. But it is very subjective to interpret how competitive it was compared to other applicants.

CASPer: I thought it was okay at the beginning. However, I began to doubt myself when I did not get a MAC interview with a 128 CARS. I am very grateful to receive this interview offer. Best of luck to the other applicants who received an interview as well. To those who got rejected, keep trying! I am applying for the fourth time, so there is still hope.

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Invite/Rejection: invite

Time Stamp: 3:15 pm (est)

Location: IP

Stream: english

cGPA/wGPA: wGPA is 3.87 (!!!!!! really wasn't expecting an invite at all....... i'm in disbelief) not sure about cGPA calculation but definitely much lower

Current year: 5th year overall, 4th year of my current program (UG)

ECs: some research but no pubs, rest is pretty varied but nothing that stands out imo

Casper (general thoughts): honestly didn't feel too great about it :/ i practiced for a couple days but when it came down to it i felt like a lot of my answers fell kinda flat?

i'm so shocked and feel so blessed tbh..... congratulations to everyone who got an interview and for the people who didn't get one, ily all and hope you get good news from another school this cycle <3

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Invite/Rejection invite OMG:lol:
Time Stamp: 22/01/2020 - 2:55PM
Stream: English
wGPA: 3.96
Current year: UG complete
ECs: Diverse, long term leadership positions, TAing, student ambassador, research assistant,  some personal stuff like hobbies, sports, etc. 

Casper: I hate this exam. I never know how to feel. Was hoping my Mac reject was due to my CARS (126) and not my CASPER. Hopefully I was right!

Very humbled to be interviewing here after a rejection last year!

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Invite/Rejection: Invite
Time Stamp: 3:06pm
Location: IP
Stream: English
wGPA: ~3.95ish
Current year: Finished Masters and working
ECs: Pretty decent I guess. Have a lot of research and work experience.

Casper: I don't think I'm really good at Casper but I would say it went okay.


When I saw the email from Ottawa, I thought it was gonna be a rejection. Didn't expect it from them. Had to reread the "congratulations" part as I was confused lmao.

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