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Rejection Time Stamp: 1:18Location: IPStream: EnglishwGPA: 3.92Current year: UG Complete 2016CASPer: Felt good about it.  EC’s: Strong. President and exec of clubs, awards from the government, lots

ban that user

I called this morning and the invites should go out today!! So just waiting until the emails start to come in

Invite/Rejection - Reject
Time Stamp: ~1:15pm
Location: IP
Stream: english
wGPA: 3.99
Current year: 4th year undergrad
ECs: two long term employment experiences during undergrad, two very unique international sports, lab volunteer, hospital volunteer, couple awards/scholarships. interesting hobbies. No pubs 

Casper: probably my weak spot - rejection at mac too

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Time Stamp: 2:03 pm
Location: IP
Stream: French
wGPA: 3.97
Current year: Graduated in 2019, currently working
ECs: Balanced (research, conference presentation, volunteering in hospitals and other organizations, university clubs, cycling, etc.), but nothing too spectacular

Casper: You can never really know, but I guess it was good enough


Really grateful to have another shot this year!


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Invite/Rejection: Rejection 
Time Stamp: 1:23 PM
Location: IP
Stream: English
wGPA: 3.95
Current year: 4th year undergrad
ECs: Diverse and fun things. Lots of research (mostly QI, but some wet lab), teaching assistant, NSERC, own a small business that was awarded city funding, lots of volunteer work I am passionate about, many uni clubs (w/ leadership positions), many awards, other things as well.

Casper: Despite fast typing speed, I was cut off a couple times because of the time constraint; that one early scenario froze me up. I guess I didn't do good enough. Remember to practice thinking fast along with typing fast :     )

Just keep swimming folks, good luck to all those who got invites!

Ottawa if you're reading: y u no lik me

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9 minutes ago, tarotea7 said:

has anyone who emailed them back to confirm their interview date received a response yet? they mentioned that we would get more info about our interview day after confirming our attendance

Not yet. I believe it took a couple of days for their response to the confirmation email last year 

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Invite/Rejection: Invite
Time Stamp: 22/01/2020 - 2:17PM
Stream: French
wGPA: 3.91(OMSAS)
Current year: completed Pharm.D., completed 2nd UG degree, 1st year M.Sc.
ECs: Not much besides my position as pharmacist  

Casper: went just as well as the previous time 

Good luck to everyone! To those who didn't get interviewed: never give up if that's your dream. Odds were never in my favour until I finished my 2nd undergraduate degree. I'm finally getting an interview at Ottawa after reaching my 8th year of university training. Just getting that interview is such an honour. :)

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French message follows

SIGN UP FOR MOCK INTERVIEWS WILL OPEN ON MONDAY JANUARY 27TH @ 8AM SHARP! LINK: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0549ACAF2DA7FE3-uottawa

Hi! Once again this year, the first year medical students of the University of Ottawa - Faculty of Medicine are proud to offer mock interviews, which aim to give you a practice run before your real interview. Interviews will be 12$, and the money will go towards our class charity, Roger Neilson House. The payment will be processed online through WePay along with you registration.

The mock interviews are reserved for interview candidates of the University of Ottawa and are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please don't wait as spots fill up very quickly! If you have any questions, contact us at admissionsmd2023@gmail.com.

Once you sing up, please send us a copy of your uOttawa interview invite by email: admissionsmd2023@gmail.com.

Please read and sign the waiver form attached to the sign up, and bring it with you on the day of your mock interview.



Bonjour à tous! Encore une fois cette année, les étudiants en première année de médecine de l'Université d'Ottawa sont fiers de vous offrir des séances d'entrevues simulées pour vous permettre de vous familiariser avec le déroulement de la vraie entrevue! L'entrevue vous coûtera 12$ et tous les fonds seront versés à l'oeuvre de bienfaisance choisi par la classe 2023: La Maison Roger Neilson. Le paiement se fera à l'aide de WePay pendant votre inscription en ligne. 

Ces entrevues simulées sont réservées aux candidats d'entrevue de l'Université d'Ottawa et sont offertes selon le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi, alors n'attendez pas car les places se remplissent très rapidement! Pour toutes question, contactez-nous au admissionsmd2023@gmail.com,

Une fois inscrit, veuillez nous faire parvenir une preuve d'inscription à l'entrevue d'uOttawa à notre courriel: admissionsmd2023@gmail.com

Veuillez lire et signer le formulaire de déclaration joint à l'inscription, et l'apporter avec vous le jour de votre entrevue simulée.

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