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10 hours ago, predent11 said:

Has anyone tried to get a police information check? It is required right away if you get accepted. The police station in my city will not give me a police information check because it is not an essential service. Anyone have the same problem?

I actually emailed them about this. They said they would Inform us of all the new changes and deadlines in the acceptance letter. This includes the PIC, the immunization and the CPR certification requirement. Hope that helps.

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If any of you guys are interested in talking to some first year UofA DDS students and getting some advice, PM me! 

Hey lollipop, I don't think anyone really knows. I am applying too!   

Your final transcripts including winter 2020 final marks must also be sent to the university by June 15th.  Because acceptances are sent out May-July then I assume this means your winter 2020 marks ar

All the PIC locations are likely closed. If you are expecting to get into the DDS program I would apply online today as you are expected to have done that in advance! The U of A does have strict timelines of roughly 2 weeks for getting the PIC and immunization report into them. They do this to back fill the class with the wait list. They may relax those timelines but I would still apply for the PIC today.

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49 minutes ago, justanotherdude said:

Hey everyone,

i know that we need to submit our criminal records and immunization forms if we do get accepted. I was wondering is it enough time to get it done once we receive an acceptance letter? Or should we prepare in advance just in case we get in? Thanks 

You'll have more than enough time to submit your records so don't worry about getting it in advance! 

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