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Interview UAlberta but not Calgary?

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Definitely possible, but I'm not entirely sure of the numbers.  I've definitely heard anecdotal stories of one interview at either school. The UofA is one of the least transparent schools on how they assess. The UofA looks at your whole MCAT, CASPer, and may be looking for different things than Calgary that could all add up to a different scenario. 

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I know multiple people who have got an Alberta one without Calgary, or vice versa. Several of these people were also accepted after only receiving one invite. And I don't know many people in med school as I'm a non-trad, so the fact that this has happened to the majority of people that I do know tells me this happens to a lot of people. Think they likely have fairly different things they look for, which when you think about it is a good thing as we get more variety in the Alberta medical field.

Also don't get too down on not getting Calgary (I also didn't this year). A friend of mine scored really low in his first app to Calgary and then got an interview this year. It's a subjective process w/ a bit of luck involved and sometimes is more a reflection of the evaluation process' flaws than the quality of your app.


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As echoed in the previous posts, UofC and UofA evaluate apps very differently. As a result, many people end up receiving an interview to one instead of the other, and this changes year to year.


As or myself, I got an interview to UofC in 2018 with 90th percentile in most categories. In 2019 I didn’t receive an interview and scored around the 50th percentile. This year I didn’t receive an invite from UofC but I did get one from UofA (first time applying to UofA). 

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