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UBC Family Medicine Residency Program Comparison

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Hello! Opening up this thread to discuss opinions/experiences at different UBC Family Practice residency sites since there are so many and any insight would be really appreciated!

Personally, I am interested particularly in St. Pauls/Vancouver Fraser/Surrey/Victoria/Abbotsford/Regional Okanagan/Coastal

Is anybody able to shed some light on a few questions: 

How much service versus learning is there at each of these sites (genuinely) and off-service scut work? What are the call schedules like at each site? 

With respect to Surrey/Vic/Abbotsford, what's the city life like? Is the downtown young and active and are there other young professionals in the cities? Is there opportunity to meet other residents/friends since I don't have any known family or friends in BC.

Any other information (even on sites not listed) would be really appreciated! 

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