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Would you recommend me doing a fifth year?

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Firstly, I'm gunning for UBC med only. My university record is not exactly the best thing I can showcase, but I think I'm at a point where I could try harder and actually have a chance to study medicine.

Here's my record:

1st year: 77% (27 credits)

2nd year: 82% (28 credits) - 1W ( I took the course again in the 2nd semester)

3rd year: 85.5% (30 credits)

4th year: I'm expecting ~ 88% average (30 credits total, 1W)

5th year: I know what to take for GPA-boosting purposes and will likely reach the early 90s.

My AGPA with 1st year taken out is 83.6% atm, although this will likely rise to about 84.5~85% once I've finished my second-semester courses. 


My major EC's:

- Volunteered at 3 Labs, 1 lab internship (WorkLearn), I started one last month and will likely continue through my 5th year to get something tangible this time.

- Founder of non-profit organization - will continue through 5th year and beyond.

- 250 hours of community volunteering (continuing for 1.5 years now and will continue for another 1.5)

- Freelance Spanish language tutor (volunteer) since HS.

- Scifi writing


The thing is, I lived in Canada for over 21 years, but I'm still an "international" student. So I will need to get a PR which can take 1.5~3 years after graduation, and I'm already 22. By the time I am even eligible to apply to medicine I will be 25 or 26, which is getting a bit old. Do you think I should do a 5th year in my case?

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