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MMI Format?

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It's 2 minutes outside the room and 8 minute inside for the 6 MMI stations (info in FAQ section of the Candidate Interview Info Website), and just under 20 for the panel (cause you stay in the panel for 2 MMI station time-slots). Note the 2 minutes outside the room start as soon as the previous station ends, as opposed to at Calgary where they start the 2 minutes when everyone is outside and ready to go.

Last year I seem to remember the panel was ~18 minutes because you have the 2 minutes outside the room, then the time in the room, then they knocked and you went into the hall and waited for a couple minutes for the coinciding MMI stations to finish before moving on. 


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That doesn't really leave a very good impression on the previous interviewer, so I wouldn't recommend that. Walk with a purpose, sure, but the rooms aren't far away and it probably takes 15 seconds tops to say goodbye and get to the next door. I found it to really not be that big of a deal.

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10 hours ago, theevilsloth said:

So are people sprinting out of their mmi stations to get to the next station then? It seems very odd that the 2 minutes starts right away. 

I had an MMI style interview at UBC last weekend. The rooms were right beside each other, so you just said goodbye, walked out, and started reading the prompt for the next station. It's honestly not a big time consuming activity. 

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