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Rewriting the MCAT 5 years later


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Hi everyone,

I took the MCAT 5 years ago and scored 510 (128/125/129/128). After some years of indecisiveness about medical school and traveling/exploring other interests, I need to retake the exam. In 2015 when the new test came out, my percentile was close to the 90th but my numbers do not translate to anything close to that now. It is clear that the test seems to have been 'quasi-figured out' given that average test scores are much higher now. 

I was wondering, what is the contemporary approach people take to study for exam? How long do people typically study and what resources do they use? And for MCAT retakers, how much time should be used studying foundations before moving to practice questions and exams? Im also curious if there are any diagnostic tests out there that could help me evaluate what I have forgotten/need to restudy (which is most likely everything but physics).

PS. I know I need to focus on the CARS. 

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NextStep had a good diagnostic test that I used, I think they've turned it into a half-test now. People usually use Princeton Review or Kaplan or Examkrackers books to review content. I personally found Kaplan well-written and to the point. For CARS I suggest doing all of the sample verbal questions in the AAMC Question Bank (which I found a bit easier than the actual test, except for its first few passages!). Also, do not forget to do all the 300 questions in the new AAMC "Section Bank" which are closest to style and difficulty to the 3 non-verbal reasoning parts of the actual test. You can start with content review and just skim the parts you remember very well, there's no harm in making sure, you know!

Good luck.

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