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Join us! The Pre-Medicine Diversity Symposium is an annual UBC faculty-sponsored event designed to encourage people from all walks of life to apply to medical school. This event is tailored to applicants who consider themselves ‘non-traditional’ for reasons that may include having a non-science background, applying later in life, having children and family, having financial or personal hardship, or belonging to a demographic underrepresented in medicine. There will be events at all 4 sites in BC - Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria & Prince George.

FB event:

Google Form RSVP (this confirms your registration):


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I'd be more interested in an online faculty-sponsored online website that goes through and addresses everything this conference aims to do (and more).

I wonder how much of this post is "preaching to the choir" — I imagine that most people on these forums are already very interested (and actively pursuing) admission into medical school.

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Hi there!

We are definitely advertising beyond this forum and are trying to capture as many individuals as possible. This is just one place we are sharing the event - partly because in our own experiences, and in those of many of our colleagues who would describe their journeys as non-traditional, many people have checked these forums for information as they applied.

Thank you for the suggestion of a faculty-sponsored website specifically for this issue - we can pass that along!

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