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1 hour ago, inkbat said:

my understanding is they are generally accommodating, BUT if you have 2 interviews already on the 28th and 29th, you’d have to either turn down U of T or cancel one of your other interviews.

I feel like even in that case people might not cancel :unsure: I know people doing three interviews that weekend (uoft and mac on same day) 

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Some news guys! On the phone, I asked if the invites have been sent out yet for Mar 28/29. She said basically none have been sent out yet, and that they will most likely be sent out next week.

might this week be the week? (every time i say that before another week of silence, i feel less and less confident that i even applied to u of t in the first place and this isn’t just some stupid

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16 minutes ago, ChocolateMed said:

ikr like get yourself together lol you had over 5 months

Also, what's worse is that if more people get interviews after today, they're putting these kids at a disadvantage than the kids who got interviews way in advance of their interview dates and more time to practice as a result

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My people! We can't control when we get an email from U of T. BUT we can change our appraisal of the situation. It comes when it comes. Stressing about it is not going to make it come faster. It's just going to cause us to lose the few brain cells we have left lol. So let's just chill. They GOTTA come this month. 

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5 minutes ago, rawshrimp said:

I have yet to see something for the 28th

I think I saw multiple people get invited for the 28th though on the other thread. It looks like they're filling both days at the same time. Hopefully there's still lots of spots left :lol:

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