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Some news guys! On the phone, I asked if the invites have been sent out yet for Mar 28/29. She said basically none have been sent out yet, and that they will most likely be sent out next week.

might this week be the week? (every time i say that before another week of silence, i feel less and less confident that i even applied to u of t in the first place and this isn’t just some stupid

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3 hours ago, MedGoldfish said:

Why do they wait so long to respond to many of their applications? I understand the need to have a waitlist of applicants in case interview slots open up, but shouln't they be realistic and start sending out more R's? It's mid-March... :mellow:

My thoughts as well. They probably have the stats from previous years showing how many students cancelled in previous years and could give out rejection according to that

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19 minutes ago, 88risingsun said:

Longtime lurker here, made an account just for this lol.

I just called to confirm if invites are still being sent, and he said all this week and even early next week! 

The wait is killer :unsure:

Wow they are REALLY dragging this on!! Thanks for the post though haha at least we can sort of keep our hopes up 

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