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Impact of a Masters Degree

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Hi everyone,

I didn't get accepted to Toronto or Western last year and instead decided to pursue a Masters in hopes of increasing my chances for this year's application cycle. Does anyone know if these schools value a thesis-based or course-based masters differentially or whether completion vs in-progress masters matter?

Any insight into the potential impact of a masters or personal experience would be greatly appreciated.


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Western does give "bonus" points to MSc students who completed their degree prior to the application deadline. It's on their website. Toronto, however, is not as explicit in how they evaluate a grad applicant (I might be wrong but I couldnt find it anywhere). But I think they provide some benefit. I think there is some sort of trend where people who have sub par "stats" and an MSc have a better chance at an interview. But who knows. At the end of the day, it all depends on what your numbers are. If you are in a competative range then you should have a good chance. 


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