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I haven't heard about this. Wouldn't it be weird if they start timing you after you start talking? Is one of the interviewers timing you or some other person?


Idk, doesn't seem true but I haven't interviewed at Western before so I don't know. I also think they would've mentioned that?


They might cut you off if you talk too long though (but I think that's the case for any panel interview)

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Doesn't sound like an unreasonable rule, especially if they want to help candidates be more concise and avoid running out of time. I cannot think of many questions or scenarios, especially in a traditional-style interviews, where one should be speaking for more than 4 minutes. Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

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If it exists it would be new ha - 

I will say that the interviewers are of course acting as time keepers if only in the sense that they are on your side - and want you to have an opportunity to answer every question asked and get scored as a result. They have always nudged you when they wanted to make sure you have enough time for everything. Nobody wants some mad rush at the end after all. 

I will also say traditionally time is not an issue at Western's interviews - people have always seemed to have more than enough time to work through everything. 

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