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Hi everyone, I'm a first year med student in the French Stream. I know from experience that today can be magical for some of you, but it might also be a horrible day for others. I know that my fe

Had my interview today! I think it went well! Panel was very nice, felt very comfortable. Normal panel questions (can't say details)! Best of luck 

It's so close now guys. If anyone is lucky enough to see an offer on OMSAS at midnight, let's post it here so we'll know.  Good luck you guys!

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3 minutes ago, cabbagesoup said:

Hi all,

2020 good waitlist email created 07:41:43

2019 bad waitlist email created 07:21:54

good luck to all and congratulations on the ones already accepted :)

wait why was the bad waitlist created before the good one? 

I got my email for WL at 11:45:49 today...

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15 minutes ago, MDLD said:

Am I bad waitlist? 7:46

Hey I think the wording of the email might allude to which waitlist you're in (i.e. whether the wording is neutral OR whether they state something along the lines of based on your ranking, you are unlikely to be taken off). Good luck! Hope it all works out, feel free to message me if you need :)

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59 minutes ago, WishingforMD said:

For those who are accepted, does your letter say 2019 on the very first page (but then says 2020 further down)? 

And are we expected to register for the BLS course and attend in person? 

Yes I also have 2019! I had the same question for BLS...

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