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Changing major from biomedical science to English after 1st year and applying to med school?


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Hello everybody,  I am new to this forum, I found out that I don’t need to explicitly take a science degree to get into medical school, it is possible with an arts degree too, I am currently a 1st year Biomed student at the university of Ottawa and I was planning on switching to English next and taking the prerequisites as electives. Is this a solid choice or foolish. I would like to keep law school or teaching as a backup and an English degree gives me those options. Any advise would be greatly appreciated

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You can apply to Law with a Science degree and Medicine with an Arts degree. Law is even more flexible in terms of degrees, one Supreme Court Justice had a music undergrad... you can definitely do an education after degree with a Science base. 

Do what you like, not what further degree is traditionally associated with an undergrad degree. 

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