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Prereqs prior to MCAT prep course attendance


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I am considering returning to uni for the completion of two courses, intro biochem and intro organic chem. This would be in preparation for the MCAT, and for having a better grasp on the material I can expect to encounter on it. However, can anyone speak to attending an MCAT prep course without these pre-reqs behind them, and then still writing a decent grade on the MCAT? 



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I did it for organic chemistry. I taught myself on Khan Academy and used the books from a couple of the prep courses to gain the foundational knowledge. It worked and I did quite well on that section of the mcat, but I realized afterwards that it would have been quite a bit easier if I had taken a formal course prior to studying. I realized that I had learned how to answer the questions and do reasonably well, but I didn't understand the material in sufficient depth and probably got a bit lucky on my actual mcat in terms of the level of the questions that came up. 

So in short, it's definitely possible, but the course would definitely be helpful. Also, worth taking into consideration that exceptionally high scores on that part of the mcat may not be necessary depending on which schools you're considering - most schools have fairly low cutoffs and don't factor it in beyond that.

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