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Completing course requirements online? (pre-dent)


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I have to complete 1 chemistry and 2 physics courses to open some doors applications wise. Would taking courses online be an appropriate way to approach this? Specifically I'm wondering if UofA accepts online physics courses (do they care about lab?) any help appreciated

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This was a major problem for me as well. Some institutions have classes that they’ve evaluated in the past for transfer credit (UofR, UofS, etc) as well some provinces have a transfer evaluation (bctransferguide) but sometimes you can’t tell beyond comparing the two course outlines. As a general rule of thumb almost all institutions require you to take labs with science courses  (excluding biochem, anatomy, etc). If none of the above works for you then the best thing you can do is apply and get an evaluation. Hella understand the frustration though.


I applied to UofS this year with an online biochemistry class but they deemed it insufficient despite the other four institutions I applied to having no problem with it , AND the course outlines were virtually identical. 

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