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How to know if you are doing well on your elective?

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I am interested in one of the ROAD specialties, and through my preclerckship years I have done quite a lot of research in this specialty  and know some of the faculty quite well and I am well liked by the residents. Recently, i started an elective at my home school in this specialty. It’s my first elective in that specialty and I still have not developed many of the procedural skills. I have been getting positive feedback from faculty I work with; and I am doing a case report with one of my main preceptors. However, I am concerned because it’s my first elective in the field and I have not practiced many of the procedures. When I tried one of procedures today, the resident gave me feedback to improve for next time because it was not perfect, but not bad either! She told me things that I can do to improve in the future because I will be doing that procedure commonly in this specialty! I will be doing 3 more electives in the field but was wondering if doing my elective at my home school first is a disadvantage?

How would I know if i am doing well on an elective?


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