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Thoughts on antinatalism


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1 hour ago, Intrepid86 said:

The purpose of life is to propagate life. If people stopped having children, then eventually there would be no one around to assign a negative value to anything or anyone else, and that would definitely kill antinatalism for sure.

I can here my philosophy professors yelling at me ha :)One possible purpose of life is to propagate life. Starting a philosophical debate with a position stated as a tautology and a slippery slope fallacy is dangerous  beans

 (ha not trying to be picky - but there are a bunch of philosophies quite active today that ultimately bend towards antinatalism. Reducing the population you could argue has a lot of positives - and doesn't have to be taken to the point of human extinction  - points just to inspire discussion). 


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(ha and this could be why philosophers have a hard time getting anything done - you can spend all day arguing that killing off all people is morally the right thing to do and saying everyone has good points. Meanwhile a little less conversation and a little more action seems to create actual progress ha :) ) 

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