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How Does Family Medicine Site Selection Work?


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On the CaRMs website, most schools have several "programs" available (e.g., UBC has 20 programs listed). My understanding is that one simply has to go to one interview at each school, and then one would be able rank all the family med programs at that school? 

Additionally, even within each stream, there can be several sites. Would this be done before and/after an applicant has matched and would this be a lottery or a separate application process? Based on my experiences at my home school, even within the same stream there can be very different experiences depending on the site and preceptor, so I was just wondering how this all works.

Thanks in advance! :)

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For the first part you're correct. Many schools have multiple programs. You do one interview for the entire school, but multiple programs require multiple Carms Applications. The exception is rural programs,  which may have their own interviews separate from the urban programs of that school.


For the second question, the specific hospitals/ locations are determined after you match. Some schools let you rank your preferred sites/ hospitals as your residency home base. You can do some research by asking friends/ residents/ emailing the preceptors or program coordinators for specifics.

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