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Med School Arms Race


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Read this article today. As someone who is on on the other side of training, I found it very interesting and ringing true, especially the part about needing intrinsic motivation and the lack of external validation as a staff. I also like the fact it reminded me of how awesome being a teenager was. Hahaha


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This was a great article, thank you for sharing it! As a pre-med student trying to enjoy my pathway to medicine instead of focusing so much on the light at the end of the tunnel this really resonated with my views on the pre-med landscape i've gotten to know over the past few years! Well worth the read for anyone (:

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Speaking of arms race:

A 15 y.o. Montrealer is the youngest ever first-author in NEJM! Pretty cool study, he started working on it when he was 12...

New bar for premeds lmao



Of note: His father is the senior author.

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