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If I drop to 4 courses, which schools will it hurt for the weighted gpa (Canadian schools)?

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Right now I am taking a course that is not required for my degree and it is really bringing down my GPA, I want to drop it to salvage my GPA.

I desperately need for schools to drop my lowest year from their GPA because my first year went really bad (currently I am in second year).

I plan to apply for UManitoba, UCalgary and UAlberta (which all don't care about you many courses you take as long as you are full-time ( 3 courses per semester), correct me if I am wrong). Which Ontario schools will disqualify me from the wGPA? Here are how many courses I took:

1st year:

  • Fall semester - 4 courses

  • Winter semester - 5 courses

2nd year:

  • Fall semester - 6 courses

  • Winter semester (current): 4 course (If I drop my 5th one)

I know I screwed up in the 1 year by not taking 10 courses, but I plan to do 5 years of undergrad and from now on I will only take 5 courses a semester. Will schools average the 6 and 4 courses for a total full-time course of 10 for my second year? Or do I have to take 5 courses each semester? If it matters I retook 3 courses in my second year that I got a bad mark in first year.

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In general, schools look across the full school year so 6 & 4 is fine.  You may be OK to drop the course this term. Courses must be in the Sept - April period though. Summer course will not count in weighting.   You are shooting yourself in the foot each time you do drop or repeat courses or don't take full course load. The repeat courses are bad news for some schools as they wont count them (and you lose full course load) or they will include both marks in cumulative GPA.

Some examples:

  • Western will look at your best 2 years that are full course load.
  • Queens will look at last 2 years (full courseload)
  • U of T - you are already out of weighting due to 1st year course load
  • MAC only looks at cumulative






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