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As an emergency physician and as one who has helped manage the sick with COVID-19 on the front lines, I beseech everyone to isolate at this time.

These are historic and truly exceptional times. As such, this moment demands an equally historic and exceptional act from all. Everyone must stay home. Go out ONLY if absolutely needed. Every time one ventures out of isolation needlessly, you place your family, friends, public, and healthcare staff at unacceptable risk. This is of the utmost and highest level of importance.

Tell everyone you know this message. Before this challenge ends, we will all face a struggle, and everyone will bare hardship that will require sacrifice. Our history shows we always unite towards a common goal at these exceptional moments. Help do your part. Isolate, hunker down, use the benefits of 21st century technology to remain connected, and we will prevail. 

Wash those hands and stay safe. We got this.

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1 hour ago, enriquehcox said:

Its been 7 months no solution for this pandemic. When we can expect a solution? 

I appreciate the frustration, but I don't think people on premed are going to have an answer to that. We're all hoping it's over as soon as possible, but that likely won't happen until a vaccine is available which takes time (usually ~4 years in normal circumstances, and even though it's been accelerated, 7 months is a short time to expect one to be ready). Any deadlines are pure speculation at this point

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