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Advice for PhD grad. working in healthcare

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Hi everyone,

I have completed a PhD in a medical engineering type field and currently work at an academic medical center (as a health care professional). I am considering applying to medical school in the upcoming year. Here are my stats:

  • Undergrad GPA
    • Overall: 3.50 / 4
    • UofT wGPA: 3.75 / 4
    • UWO wGPA: 3.85 / 4
  • PhD (completed recently < 1 year ago)
    • GPA: 3.73 / 4
    • Several first author publications (papers, book chapters, dozens of conf. publications)
    • High level awards (best author, best paper, grad. scholarships)
    • Several student leadership positions (national, international organizations)
  • Work
    • Academic health care setting
    • Occasionally working with patients
    • Regularly interact/work with physicians colleagues
  • MCAT
    • Not done

What are your thoughts? Do I have a chance anywhere (especially in Ontario)? Any advice would be appreciated.

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It's impossible to give any solid advice without an MCAT score in-hand.

You're likely in a decent place as a grad applicant but you should really calculate your GPA for all the schools in Canada (This isn't directed specifically at you, but why do people fixate so much on the UofT?). Without doing the math, Ottawa is probably out, and the other 3 schools (Mac, Western, Queens) will depend upon your MCAT. 

If you don't have any non-work related ECs I would start on those ASAP. 

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I've calculated my wGPA for most Canadian schools, but unfortunately I'm geographically limited to Ontario (family, etc.). At my stage, the non-work related ECs that I currently engage in are either helping with committees, etc. with my current profession's societies (which again is directly healthcare related). I also volunteer my time with one local and one international non-profit organization on a consistent basis.

I appreciate your feedback re: the MCAT - I should probably start seriously looking into studying soon!

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