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Long Distance Relationships in Med School/Residency

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Communicate, and as much as you can. Even when you’re tired, make the time for them. I did not do this and mine failed. Currently doing it, and it’s gone a lot smoother. Also advice given to me that I now do is when together, make plans for the next time or next few times when you can see each other in person again, give something to look forward too and the planning doesn’t have to take place when you’re away and stressed.


edit: nope didn’t work out. Gotta love medicine and Coronavirus. 

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Communication really make sense. When I was in LDR that was something that really helped, we chatted, had daily video calls, watched same films simultaneously. Try to have your daily routine as you are together. We had breakfast at the same time, did the laundry talking with each other. We even tried a bunch of remote sex toys (like this one) for keeping some spice in our relations.  

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On 3/23/2020 at 11:02 AM, Ms4ever said:

Hi guys,

Anyone have any tips on doing long distance in med school/residency who have gone through it and succeeded?

Also if anyone knows, do most 5 year programs let you do electives anywhere in Canada in the upper years? 

Thank you! 

It's hard... my partner of 5 years is still in Alberta... also cancelled our vacation as we had planned to see each other but after March 2020 everything fell apart... 

We communicate every day... text or phone call. Reinforcing our care for each other... bantering... just trying to keep interesting conversation. 

My partner also makes sure to send presents or care packages a lot so we exchange gifts regularly. I order her favorite ice cream to be delivered to her house... she ordered me a weighted blanket, etc...

Effort and loyalty are huge here. 

- G 

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