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Large Animal Vet Salary in BC

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Hi everyone,

I've tried scouring the internet for this information but it seems difficult to find...

I am interested in a career change to practice farm animal vet med (cows, horses, etc) or mixed practice but I want to get a sense of the salary expectations. I currently have a good career with great work/life balance... but its office based and I don't know if I see myself working like this forever. I would ideally be based in the Fraser Valley, Okanagan, or Vancouver Island.

As well, does anyone have any tips for gaining volunteer/shadowing experience in this area?


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You would be working independently as a small business owner, there would be no "salary" as far as I am aware.  Are you currently a small-animal vet in a clinic?

i would assume most who are able to make an OK living in this industry, have a strong connection to the community already and connections. Or willing to invest a lot of time to get connected.

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