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anyone know of any low gpa high dat dental schools overseas?

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For someone with a 2.8cgpa and a 4 year bsc completed, and a 24AA dat which i think i can get higher, Is there any dental school in the world that would accept a lower gpa?

I know theres ireland, states, canada, and australia, and new zealeand


from my brief research it seems like they all want 3.3++

but i cant find in depth info regarding new zealand schools


any info?


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lol "in the world" yes I guarantee you will find a school that will accept you. In terms of schools in the countries you listed above, yes you will have to raise your gpa. What is your best 2 year gpa? Some schools only consider your top 2. Have you considered taking an extra year, you wouldn't have to raise your gpa that much to get interviews at schools outside Canada but be prepared for a hefty price tag. 

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