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from the interview session, it seems like UofT never gets enough ppl that choose MAM as a first choice. probably simply because people want to live in Toronto and attend the campus with more people in it. 
MAM has some benefits that they mentioned: cheaper living, less crowded area (i HATE big cities like new york and toronto personally), and likely a more tight-knit community. Plus, there's a constant shuttle that goes to the main campus every day

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I'm also stuck choosing between the two.

From my research, this is what I have gathered:



- Less busy and crowded. Less traffic than downtown Toronto. Like @FBCforreal mentioned, if you're not a fan of big cities like New York, Chicago, then MAM would be more suitable. 

- Tight-knit community. It seems that the MAM community is very close-knit and has a "high-school" social feel. You will get to know almost everyone and will get close with people easily. (This could be a con if you prefer not to recognize everyone you see when you walk down the hallway).

- More interaction with preceptors and patients. Less residents and fellows means you get closer to the attending and have more opportunity in helping with procedures. 

-  Cheaper living costs (rent, parking, etc..)


- Living is not as convenient, especially if you don't have a car. You are not as close to the bars, restaurants, clubs, concerts, festivals. 

- Less residents and fellows means you get less teaching. For some people, the teaching component is more essential to them than being more involved with procedures.

- You may have to commute to St. George for research opportunities, electives, social events (?). I've heard that although MAM has great research opportunities, St. George offers more and if research is important to you/your specialty you may have to commute to downtown for that. UofT students have Wednesdays off and there is a free shuttle that goes from MAM to St. George, so it's definitely not a big issue but it would not be as convenient as being in downtown.


80% of MAM lectures are virtual. You go to school for all lectures (don't have to though, a lot of people just watch lectures at home) but 80% of the time, the lecturer is at the St. George campus and it's being teleconferenced to MAM. Some find that a pro, some find it a con.

St. George


- Very convenient living. You are close to all the bars, restaurants, clubs, converts, festivals, everything. You don't need a car if you live in Toronto because everything is a walk away. Great night life. Amazing food scene. There are tons of things to do in Toronto. 

- You will have better research opportunities. Although that research is also available to you if you are in Mississauga, it does make it easier to be in Toronto if you're really keen on research or you're thinking of competitive specialties. 

- More teaching by residents and fellows. Again, this could be considered a con if you prefer to have more involvement with procedures and you want to get closer to the preceptor.

- More students means opportunity to meet many more people. Toronto is also more diverse. 

- Beautiful campus. Kinda looks like Hogwarts! 


- If you prefer small town living, Toronto is not very compatible. It's very busy, crowded, and loud. Traffic is probably one of the worst in the country if you intend to drive.

- Personally, I have found people outside of Toronto to be nicer (lived in Toronto for 6 years). There are definitely many many nice people in Toronto, but people tend to be more stressed, busy, and at times less kind. I don't think this would apply to the medical students, however. The St. George community is very nice from what I've heard. 

- High cost of living. Rent is a lot more expensive than Mississauga. Also being closer to all the restaurants and bars will make it easier to spend more money.

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