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I am wondering about the same thing. Traditional uofc mmi is 2 mins to read the prompt and 7-8 mins to answer. If this same format follows, we'll have a maximum of 3 mmi stations here... The update on the uofc blog says we'll have 2 mins to read the prompt and simply says a fixed amount of time to answer, so unless the answer times for some questions are going to be much shorter than 7-8 mins, there's only going to be 3 questions total...
quite frustrating thinking how this assessment is going to be at all representative of applicants' qualities considering the in-person mmi has many more sampling points

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yup, my guess is that they'll have shorter time limits, maybe 5 minutes? and maybe they'll have a couple of personal questions too since the blog post said "scenarios and questions". really frustrating to not know more yet and yes I'm worried my performance won't be representative of my qualities since the interview is so short 

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