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Since people found this funny, will update you on what I dreamed last night as it seems to be a continuation of that dream lol.... Dream:  So its med acceptance day, but for a weird reason w

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Just now, William Osler said:

Imagine an OMSAS IT technician sitting in front of a multi-screen display with a glowup keyboard with heated up leftover chinese waiting till 12 to hit enter and then going to bed or going back to gaming

And that was his only task in May, other than accidentally dropping a dumpling on the keyboard and making the button appear. 

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A reminder for the brave souls checking OMSAS and various applicant portals right at midnight:
Let us know which offers you see on OMSAS (eg I see offers from UWO and Mac)

Let us know which portals update status (eg UWO Student portal updated but not MOSAIC)

Afterwards, individual decision updates can go into respective school threads as to not clog up this feed 

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