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Accepting grad school offer before May 12th

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Hope everyone's staying healthy during all of this!

I haven't been able to find the answer to this on any of the program websites. I interviewed at UOttawa this cycle and I'm being considered for whatever it is McMaster is doing to select people without the interview. I applied to a masters in Epidemiology at UOttawa as well for September in case I don't get in and was just recently accepted into it. The deadline to respond to the offer is April 14th. I'd be in the research paper stream and I wouldn't need to get a confirmed supervisor until after the med school decisions have come out and I know for sure if I'd be doing a masters or not - just so I'm not leading on any supervisors or anything like that. 

I'm emailing the program to see if the deadline can be extended though I'm pretty doubtful, they mentioned in the email there is a waitlist for acceptance so I don't see them letting me take an extra month to get back to them. I was wondering if accepting a graduate school offer would take me out of consideration for the medical school programs? I might just be over thinking it because I'm not sure how they'd exactly find out (aside from the fact that this program also operates out of UOttawa's medical school), but I wanted to see if anybody else has been in this situation or  knows how it is typically handled.Thanks! 

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Not sure what the best advice is to your situation. You are doing the right thing by contacting them. I know people that've done these in past:

- Accept grad school offer, then decline it in May if you get into med. Of course this is not looked highly upon and I personally wouldn't do it, but the way I see it someone in the waitlist will get into the grad program eventually.

- Accept grad school offer, do some sort of combined MD/graduate program OR defer med offer, if you get it, to do grad program (if at the same school, dunno if UOttawa allows this).



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When I did this, uOttawa med was really not picky about it at all. I accepted offer for grad, got offer to med, rescinded grad offer, accepted med offer within the deadline (in that order). Someone on the waitlist for my grad program ended up getting in so worked out on all sides. Grad supervisor was incredibly understanding and wished me all the best (he already knew that I would potentially be in this position). I confirmed ahead of time with uOttawa med admissions that this was acceptable. Never a bad idea to double check with them by email just in case! 

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