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So, how’s the job hunt going for other specialties?

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I had a job offer before COVID that seems to be unaffected - though it’s not clear to me that the job I will be doing will be exactly the job I am signing for, at least for the moment, but I think that’s true for many staff right now. 

Pretty glad I ultimately decided not to go into private practice in the community - I strongly considered it. Would NOT want to be opening a practice right now. 

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Jobs: Moving target all the time.

I have part time work lined up. Even getting that organized and formalized is more complicated than usual, but I am fortunate I already have my FRCPC so no need for provisional licensing, etc.

I foresee having to sub in to help if/when other attendings have to quarantine. I really hope that is not the case, however! 


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Thankfully, everything lined up and I had work right off the bat on July 1...paperwork and other formalities took a lot longer this year because of the pandemic.

Most people joining the ranks in my specialty are not doing one single thing at one single location. I work outpatients and am not located within a major hospital site fortunately so overall covid risks are less. I do participate in an ER on call roster, though.

I am grateful to every preceptor, mentor, senior resident, experienced physician colleague and random nice person who advised me to start slow and build my practice up rather than taking on every opportunity available. transition to staffhood is always tricky but doing it in a pandemic and suddenly doing work virtually adds some complexity.

New opportunities have popped up since I've been an attending that I did not anticipate and I am glad to be able to jump on them immediately and build the kind of practice I want--variety and different levels of complexity. 

I hope you get what you need and opportunities are cropping up for you :)

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