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Just wanted to come here and wish each and every single one of you guys the best as results start rolling in tomorrow!!! Can't tell you just how excited I am for all of you !  I was in your shoes


Accepted!! IP.   anyone coming to NMP with me?

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1 hour ago, HongHongHong said:

Why did they post an update on admissions to already enrolled students but not to applicants? Do you happen to have a screenshot of the email to share with us?

The date around when decisions would be released was just part of a larger, general update posted to all the classes about the planning for the incoming class, which includes some big changes that will impact orientations, etc.

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2 minutes ago, acceptmeplease said:

Did anyone get aspects of their application updated while OAS was down? I thought my transcript receiving may have gotten updated, but it did not aha

Nothing looks different on mine...where are you looking for the transcript info? I don't see anywhere on the Application Status that would reflect degree completion transcripts. I just sent mine on Friday so I know it wouldn't be reflected yet lol.

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20 minutes ago, Ginny Midgeon said:

@frenchpress Are you able to speak about the changes that will impact orientations? Will first-year lectures/CBL be online?

They’re anticipating some combination of online and in-person curriculum, as they don’t expect provincial guidelines to have relaxed enough to allow the whole class to gather by August.  Orientations usually involves a lot of in-person activities, including a multi day camp. But obviously most of that is unlikely to happen now, so lots will need to change there too. They’re still working out the details obviously. 

I expect they will talk about a lot of this when they send the offers of admission, should be soon! Just hold on a little longer you guys!

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7 minutes ago, Anon1 said:

Wait...we had to send our transcripts post interview??? *hyperventilates*

Don't panic! You have plenty of time. The deadline is June 30 (https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/application-timelines/). It's technically only for waitlisted and accepted applicants, but I think it's better to send now and be safe rather than have it get stuck in the mail or something. 

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