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Will McMaster release selection criteria before May 12?

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Yup, this is the part I meant. It seems to imply the whole plan is already in place and figured out...   fingers crossed it goes something like this

I'm honestly disgusted with Mac. This is horrible and messed up. Why not just send offers to the top 206 ranked??? In what world is this better or more fair??

should we starts spamming the online chat asking where the button went lol    totally joking i know they have nothing to do with it. 

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7 minutes ago, RejectedAgain said:

At this point the only way they can keep their promise that formula will be released BEFORE decisions if the formula is literally written before the decision in the email on May 12th LOL

Except that the subject line could give it away - if you get an offer the subject line says Offer of Admission LOL

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I understand the top 100 students obtaining an offer... however, its a little crazy to think that you could be ranked 101 and someone could be ranked 500 and they could get a spot over you simply due to chance. This is especially disappointing for students who may have had a mediocre GPA (no chance for academic explanation essay) and were hoping the MMI would boost their score. Oh well... its disappointing but its out of our hands. I wish everyone the best :) 

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