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Could anyone provide some insight as to whether pass/fail courses for a prerequisite class taken this semester (winter 2020) are accepted if the grade received is greater than a B (70%). I haven't been able to find a definitive answer yet, and I was curious if the COVID-19 situation may affect their view regarding this.

Thank you!

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my friend contacted them about this a few days ago! they said: "As COVID-19 has made rapid and unexpected changes to our lives, including the winter academic session, we are currently monitoring the situation closely.  We will be revising our policies as needed.  For the time being, we are recommending all candidates and potential candidates to continue to adhere to our current eligibility criteria. More information to follow in the coming weeks and months."

so i guess there's no confirmation on whether it's for sure "alright" or not yet :/ but i would hope that they would be more lenient given everything that's going on and allow a P for prerequisites this semester?

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