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Red flags in a residency application / CV.. How to avoid them?

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I was doing some research on how to build an strong application and stumbled upon some "red flags" posts.

I have a general idea about it, but I was thinking if some of you could give me a few tips regarding this topic. I believe other med students can benefit from this discussion as well.

The red flags I've seen more often are:
1. Low scores or previous failure (pretty straightforward)
2. Time since graduation > 5 years ("old candidates") 
3. Interruptions in medical school (may be seen as inability to handle adversity)
4. Late or incomplete application (make the applicant seem unprepared or disorganized) 
5. No clinical experience/letters of reccomendation (for IMGs, like myself. As some say "not obligatory, but important")

(Those are not my opinions, they are a compilation of what I found in other discussions)

Can anyone expand a little on this topic? Any other tips are welcome as well.

My best regards!

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