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I don't know if i should pick classes yet?

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hello everyone

it's been a while since my last post and well i'm as confused as ever. I have been accepted in nutrition (yay) and it is my backup plan in case im not accepted in pharma.

Right now in the centre étudiant, they are telling me that i can already pick my classes and stuff, but i do not understand if that means going forward with nutrition and giving up on pharm or not.

If i choose classes for nutrition and then a month later i'm accepter in pharm, can i still go in pharm? or i have to hold on on picking classes until i get a decline or acceptation?


last thing : If i am in a waiting list, how long realistically will i have to wait before i know where i'm going?? Are there people who stay in a waiting list until lets say august and have no idea which program they'll take til the last minute?

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Yes, i think you should pick your classes because when u get in a 2nd choice or 3rd choice program, and then end up getting in your first choice, the admissions at udem puts you there automatically. So, you wont lose your place in the waitlist or anything

as for your last question, it even happens that some people get in their main program in the first week of September when classes have already started. So yes, it can take a loooong time depending on your grades but usually, as a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t keep your hopes up after the first/second week of august.

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You can choose to register for your classes now or wait. Since you're in nutrition you won't lose your spot in your classes so you don't need to rush, but I'd say might as well register for them now. Since you apply to programs by order of priority, getting into a program with a higher priority will automatically get your admission into nutrition cancelled in favour of pharmacy. So you're not risking anything. 

Like the previous user said, people get into their programs up until the first week of September, so there's no real way of knowing. It depends on your placement if you're waitlisted. However, I can tell you that pharmacy is a big program (about 200 places total) and has a long waiting list that tends to move a lot every year. Last year everybody who was waitlisted ended up getting admitted into the program.  Like I said before though, there's no real way of knowing. Offers should start rolling in during the first week of May if the pandemic hasn't affected admissions. Good luck!

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