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How is UofT Delivering its Curriculum during COVID?

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With pretty much every university having shifted to online course delivery, I can imagine that lectures in the pre-clerkship (Foundations) component of the MD curriculum have followed suit.

But with regards to things like anatomy labs and small group sessions, have those also been transferred to online formats? Hopefully current UofT students can chime in? I just want to get an idea of what can be expected for incoming first years in the fall

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Not sure about the particular topics you are inquiring about, though they probably due group CBL via zoom. What I did find really interesting today is that a third year on instagram posted that they're having their family med rotation virtually. Which means added projects and readings to compensate for other in-person things.

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CBL is through zoom and occurs normally. Lectures are already posted online, so no change there. Anatomy already had modules online and there are some additional online tools that are being used to try and teach anatomy without physical cadavers. Other small groups (portfolio, HC, etc) are also occurring normally through video conference. 

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